I have always had an obsession for light and emotions. I fell in love with photography when I realized that I could capture both of these elements with my camera and then make it come alive again on my screen and in print. I strive to create images that bring out real emotions and inner beauty because I believe there is beauty in everything – especially those imperfect moments. I use my intuition and follow my heart. If it feels right and I feel it in my heart, it usually turns out pretty amazing…

Hey there! My name is Theresa Schumacher and I have been a portrait photographer in the Des Moines, Iowa area since 2014 when I made the leap from corporate IT to being my own boss in creativity!  




I love to be spontaneous and follow my heart– last minute getaways and traveling. I also love a night in with a glass of wine or hot tea.


I rock out to rap or hip hop before most photo sessions… sometimes country or rock – it all depends on my mood!


I have a curiosity for nutrition and health and love learning about how it works with our human body!


I am a foodie fanatic who will try just about anything.


Coffee is my bloodline and I like it really hot!


I’m a mom to 3 growing boys, a mini goldendoodle and I am married to an Iowa Hawkeye named John.

fun facts...

Gillian Hiscocks

"Shooting my senior photos with Theresa was one of my favorite days this summer! She is an awesome lady who takes the most amazing photos! I would definitely recommend her to any incoming seniors!"